Change the patient experience with EHR integrations 


Many hospitals are not reaping the full benefits of their patient-facing technology because they either failed to plan for EHR integrations or they aren’t implementing them efficiently or in a scalable manner. Join us to discover how EHR integrations enable both the quantity and quality data needed for continued and scaled advancements.

watch this webinar to: 

  • Discover integration best practices proven to support positive results
  • Learn about common pitfalls and how to avoid mistakes
  • See how smart integrations can improve the patient experience
  • Uncover how to create a cohesive, integrated technology platform




Brad Storm

Brad Storm

Vice President of Technology and Integrations for SONIFI Health

Brad is responsible for overall development of SONIFI Health's solutions, including technology architecture and system interfacing strategies. Brad designs integration specifications to facilitate data exchange utilizing standards-based protocols between SONIFI Health and hospital systems.