Simple & effective ways to help pediatric patients

When creative digital content is incorporated in pediatric patient rooms and other areas of a healthcare facility, it can have wide-reaching positive impacts on patient experience and care interactions in the hospital.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How positive distraction affects children’s psychological well-being & clinical outcomes
  • Why improving the parent, caregiver & healthcare experience is also critical
  • Use cases of what other hospitals are doing & practical tips to implement at your facility

We’ll also share what research studies about this topic are showing, and talk to our partners at Sanford Health about how—and why—they use creative digital content in their children’s hospital.




Erin Healy

Erin Healy  

Patient Experience Strategist for Sanford Health

Erin is a patient experience strategist for Sanford Health, building on her past role with the company that focused on consumer behavior and patient advocacy.

Riley Theel

Riley Theel MBA

Director of Guest Services, Valet, Electronic & Technical Services, and Communications for Sanford Health

Riley leads Sanford Health's communications and electronic an technical services teams, including inpatient technology uses to improve the patient experience across the organization. 

Brittany Nathan

Brittany Nathan CCLS 

Program Development Specialist for Sanford Health

Brittany uses her prior experience as a Certified Child Life Specialist to lead development of whole-health materials for the Sanford Children's Health and Fitness Initiative (fit).

Austin Winberg

Austin Winberg MA 

Director of Clinical Outcomes for SONIFI Health 

Austin leads the SONIFI Health clinical team in developing patient engagement strategies, health outcomes research, ROI studies, and collaborative relationships with SONIFI Health customers.