Custom TV channels, real-time updates

Push facility-specific updates to in-room & public area TVs 

  • Happenings channels
    Communicate location details & safety protocols (activities, menus, messages, COVID-19 info, etc.)

  • Live video channels
    Broadcast live services, announcements & events

Entertainment for everybody

Offer additional digital content from SONIFI to standard TV programming 

  • Relaxation channel
    High-definition nature content
  • Motivational channel
    Soothing images with positive quotes
  • Noise suppression channel
    A selection of ambient sounds
  • Movie channels
    Entertaining movies from six genres
Preview channels here

Simple installation & use

  • Add-on to existing cable TV lineup

  • Real-time content updates without entering individual rooms

  • Compatible on all TV models (consumer, healthcare & commercial), with conversion to analog available

  • Removes cost, clutter, time & safety concerns of printed materials

  • Backed by SONIFI’s 24/7 tech support & nationwide field service team

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